The Specialty of 3D Lashes

Among the many types of eyelash extension procedures and treatments, the 3D lashes are quite popular among people who want to have more drastic look without overdoing it. If you want to retain your natural eyelashes and appearance, and yet you want to add a bit of thickness, texture, and depth, you can consider having this procedure done. Keep in mind, though, that the procedure is quite costly and also complicated, so you really need to e very careful in choosing the right expert to work on your eyelashes. Don’t be easily tempted by low cost; it may put you into greater risk.


About the Procedure

The 3D eyelashes procedure is different from the classic extension or the double volume type. In classic extension, it is more about lengthening the short eyelashes, while in double volume procedure, it is about having double extension on each eyelash. On 3D treatment, on the other hand, it is possible to attach several extensions into a single eyelash to create heavier and thicker effect. In fact, the 3D name refers to the three extensions attached to one single lash. In the end, the result can be three times more striking and stand out than the regular eyelash extension treatment, but there are some considerations that you need to take before having it done.

Careful Considerations

Since there are several extensions on each lash, you need to have strong eyelashes. It’s okay to have short eyelashes, but at least they should be strong. If they are fragile or overly weak, the extension won’t last and it will certainly damage the natural eyelashes. That’s why an expert should check on your condition first before performing the procedure.

Moreover, it is also important to choose a truly reliable and credible expert to deal with your procedure.  You may be tempted to try on the cheaper treatment, but such procedure is more complicated and rather risky. It is you who is going to bear the consequences if anything goes wrong.

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