Making the Website with Responsive Design

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Currently, the users of internet grow because of the mobile device. The mobile device becomes the reason people use internet more now than years before. The web design طراحی وب سایت has grown too. Nowadays, the web designers should be able to handle the issue that people access the website on the mobile devices. With the ability of the mobile device to access internet as much as the personal computer, 25% internet users use mobile devices to get access of the internet. This issue becomes a concern for web designers to make the website good when it is accessed on the mobile devices.


Responsive design of the website

The responsive website design will make the website able to be accessed on any platform. The website will be able to show the best look on every type of smart phones and on laptop or personal computer. Besides giving the appropriate look in very devices, the website should be able to handle the scrolling issue on the smart phone and tablet.

The web designers should focus to make the website easy to read in every platform. Then, they should make the website easy to be navigated, especially on the mobile devices. Moreover, on the mobile devices, the website should be able to be resized, panned, and scrolled easily. Additionally, we can say a website is good when it is able to respond the changes from portrait mode to landscape mode.

Key features

When we are asked to make a responsive website design طراحی وب سایت , we should make the website on the flexible grids. Besides that, the image which we put on the website also should be flexible. The responsive website design will respond the users with the most appropriate look of the website based on the platform. Besides the platform, the size of the screen where people access the website will influence the look of the website.

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