Emotional Support Animal Letter: How to apply for it

Depression is a serious psychological state that is still overlooked by some parts of societies these days. Even though some people see it as if it is just a temporary thing, the effect it gives to those who suffers from it can even be dangerous to their life. If they come to consult to psychiatrists or therapists, they are lucky because their emotional problems will be taken care of. There are various methods of therapy to cure depression, regarding to what kind of problems are diagnosed; it can be through medications or other ways. The presence of a pet is one of it.

How is a pet significant to the patients?

In some occasions, psychiatrists and therapists would encourage their patients to have a non-human company to help them recover from their depression. This is important especially for those who have a trauma related to social relation. Pets, such as dogs or cats, are very recommended since they are easy to build a relation with. These pets are called Emotional Support Animals or ESA. However, it becomes an issue when patients with ESA are going to live in a public housing with no-pet-regulation, or when they need to board a flight.

Solving the problem using ESA letter

Today, people can register themselves for a certificate which states that they need their ESA with them most of the time. This certificate is called register emotional support animal letter and will guarantee their owners with a legal right to take their ESA with them to live in apartments or other housings and flights as well. What they need to do is providing a medical statement from a certified psychiatrist or therapist, or taking a test provided by ESA agencies. Once they pass this, they have to specify what this letter is going to be used for. The letter usually expires within a year and has to be renewed if they are still going to need it. After they pay for the fee, the ESA letter is on their hands.

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